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vs. Stinginess

TerraCuddle Diva inspiring Generosity
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TerraCuddles.  Truthfulness.  Forgiveness.  Generosity.  Attentiveness.  Virtue.  Gratefulness.  Hospitality.  Punctuality.  Responsibility.  Tolerance.  Creativity.  Initiative.TruthfulnessForgivenessGenerosityAttentivenessVirtueGratefulnessHospitalityPunctualityIniativeResponsibilityToleranceCreativity
  • An act of Generosity can be as simple as being generous with your time or giving of your talents.
  • A great way to show others how much you appreciate their Generosity is with a TerraCuddle.
  • TerraCuddles are more than collect1bles, they all have their own meaningful messages that everyone can appreciate!
  • To submit an act of Generosity, please email us and tell us what others have done to make your day brighter and better!

    Brenda Struth (Houston, TX)
    "A close relative taught me how to knit and crochet when I was a child."

    Jack Dawson (Oklahoma City, OK)
    "A stranger gave me her umbrella on a rainy day on my way to work."

    Cassandra Meyers (Oklahoma City, OK)
    "A classmate bought lunch for me on a day I realized I had forgotten my money."

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