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Importance Of Character

Character Does Count!

Goals and Objectives

Character Builders

Character Does Count

Character is the rudder that steers the boat. Character determines not whether you're on course. You're always on course. The question is are you on the right course.

Character, honor, integrity, and duty are concepts replaced in America with political correctness and popularity. If what we do or say is well received, it doesn't matter if it's right. We have gotten far from the character in America just 10 years ago, And how have we gotten there? A little bit at a time.

It starts with something that seems little and meaningless. In the grand scheme of things, what could it possibly matter if we do this or that? Shading the truth here and adding to the story there to make your point. That couldn't possibly make a difference... could it? Pretty soon, we're confused about right and wrong. Right and wrong implies some standard... some truth... something nonnegotiable. And this is a negotiable world.

Everything is up for debate today. There's your truth and her truth and my truth. And what's true for me today might not be true for me tomorrow. Before we know it, we are so far down the road that where we are in no way resembles where we were not so long ago... where we were just 10 years ago.

At the heart of character is truth. And we have forgotten the source for truth - the Word of God. It's true of our country. Sadly, it's true of some churches. And certainly it's true of us as individuals.

But there's hope. Grab the rudder! Get the charts! We can avoid the rocks. We can get back on course - the right course. To get people in Washington and Austin and in the pulpit to be people of character means nothing if we are not people of character in our homes and in our hearts.

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