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TerraCuddles products have appeared in over 350 Hallmark and other retail stores in over 25 US states and at least two foreign countries. We found that many retailers and consumers were passionate about the positive character messages that the TerraCuddles carried. That success is now leading to the TerraCuddles television and video series. In the process, the TerraCuddles are getting makeovers to enhance their natural beauty, and the TerraCuddles products will change to reflect their new appearance.

During this time of transition, we are no longer shipping TerraCuddles products to retailers.  Most retailers have already sold through the original TerraCuddles products they had, so we have temporarily discontinued our retailer locator.  We apologize for any inconvenience. If you can find early TerraCuddle products, we recommend collecting them!

Learn more about some of the changes coming to the TerraCuddles and the Institute for Character Enrichment.

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