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TerraCuddles.  Truthfulness.  Forgiveness.  Generosity.  Attentiveness.  Virtue.  Gratefulness.  Hospitality.  Punctuality.  Responsibility.  Tolerance.  Creativity.  Initiative.
Giving Suggestions

Now that you have your very own TerraCuddles characters, what are the best ways to put them to work?

This is the source for all kinds of great uses for TerraCuddles products and their universal  messages they deliver!

Below is a list of Ideas and Uses.

  • Collecting With A Purpose
  • Recognizing Character
  • Encouraging good Behavior
  • Character Education For All Ages
  • Gifts When You Really Care
  • An Inspiring Keepsake Addition
  • Creative Name Holders
  • Reminders To Yourself
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • TerraCuddles inspiration reminders make great package adornments for the gift that lasts a lifetime.

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