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December 24, 2004                            Issue: Vol. I, No. 9

We wish you a holiday season
of faith, hope and love and a
new year full of enrichment!

Holly Heart

We are Grateful that so many of you participated with the Institute for Character Enrichment this past year. You listened to us, attended our events, and showed your support for what we are working to accomplish.  Our mission of promoting moral development and a universal understanding of our common moral values is all about enriching lives. For all you have done and continue to do, we thank you!

TerraCuddles Gutierre inspiring Gratefulness

Your Generosity showed itself so many times throughout the year.  You freely shared your time, your ideas and your labor to make things happen. You donated money, items for our auctions, and your talent.  You asked nothing in return except that we continue our work to make our world a better place.  We are all blessed!

TerraCuddle Diva Inspiring Generosity

Through your Creativity you helped us see things from new perspectives, made something from nothing, and developed solutions to life's little problems. You recognized that every great accomplishment starts with a dream, and that all things are possible through imagination.  May your Creativity continue!

TerraCuddle Leonardo Inspiring Creativity

When the year began, many of us were strangers.  If we did know each other, we know each other better now.  Through sharing fellowship, fun and a common mission, our relationships have developed. That human spirit that connects to each of us has expanded and brought us closer together. Through Hospitality, we have found once again that what we have is more valuable when shared. 

TerraCuddle Teddi Inspiring Hospitality
Download TerraCuddle Calendar for January 2005

Start your new year with Gratefulness in your own mind and heart. Download Gutierre's January 2005 calendar and display it as your reminder that "It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time."

Choose to make your 2005 a Happy New Year! for yourself and those around you.
Download your January 2005 TerraCuddles calendar now.  Print several, share them and collect the entire series throughout the year.

And the Survey Says...
Chase Brooke & Associates, a Colorado-based nonprofit fundraising consulting firm, has partnered with ICE for our very important fundraising campaign.  One of their first steps was to conduct a survey of potential donors. Some of those surveyed were already familiar with ICE, while others had no prior knowledge.  Chase Brooke reports that over 80% of more than 800 surveys mailed were completed and returned.  Thanks to all who took the time to participate. This survey was conducted in October 2004 and completed last month.

For those familiar with ICE and what we are doing, the biggest surprise of the survey may be the widespread and almost overwhelming support for our efforts.  We have studied juvenile delinquency and other behavioral statistics for our society, so we know that what we are doing is important and can make a difference.  It is at least as important, though, that those we need to call on for support share that understanding.  Apparently they do

Here is just one of the basic survey questions:  The mission of ICE is "to promote moral development and a universal understanding of our common moral values." How important do you believe this mission is for our children and our society?

97% of Survey Respondents said ICE's mission was Very Important of Essential

Over 97% of respondents said that ICE's mission was either Very Important or Essential The many other survey questions returned similar indications of support.  If you would like to see the complete list of survey questions and responses, please contact us.

Questions? We want you to know everything about the Institute for Character Enrichment.  The more you know, the more you'll care.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  Still have questions? E-mail us at, or call us at 866-297-2695.

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