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The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse  A lion was asleep in his lair, when he was awoken by a mouse running across his face.  The lion was angered and grabbed the mouse by the tail, intent on eating him.
  The mouse was terrified and cried out, "Oh please let me go lion.  If you do I will someday repay your kindness."
  The lion laughed, "What can a tiny creature like you ever do to repay me.  OH HO HOP HO! I will let you go, but only becasue you are so pitiful, not fit at all for a meal."
  The mouse scurried away as the lion continued to chuckle.
  Several days later the lion was out hunting, when he became ensnared in a hunters net. He panicked and roared loudly for some one to save him.
  The tiny mouse was nearby, and recognized the voice of the lion. He rushed off to see what all the ruckus was about. Seeing the lion trapped, the mouse quickly climbed the net, and chewed the ropes.  Within a few moments, the lion was free.
  The mouse turned to the lion and said, "You laughed at me when I said I would repay you, but now even you know that a tiny mouse can help the king of the jungle."

More fun stories, coming soon!

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