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1. Journalling
Obtain an A4 (8 x 11 inch) notebook and use it for your journal. Each morning as soon as you get up, write three pages of anything. Typically you will write about what you did the day before, ideas, dreams, problems, and rambling thoughts. You may need to get up 30 minutes earlier to do the writing.
How do you get new input? Do something new each day. Listen to different radio stations, read or borrow different magazines, take a stroll through a shopping center. Keep your eyes and ears open, and taste, touch and smell things.

2. Regular Fresh Input
The mind needs stimulation. Your sensory input gets stored in memory. By giving your mind fresh inputs each day, your memories get triggered and combined with the new input. Sometimes you will get ideas or gain new perspectives.

3. Keep a Journal
In addition to the three pages you write in your morning journal, always carry a journal. I recommend the hardcover A5 size - either ruled pages or a Visual Diary (from an Art Supply Shop). Don't forget to carry a pen and/or pencil along with the journal. You may want to get one of those four color in one spirals made by Bic.

4. Learn a new Creativity Technique each week
Find some new way to express yourself every week.  Be diverse, even if it feels silly, and try not to think about what others might think. You can find creativity in almost anything, be like a child and try anything and every thing. You will be surprised at what you will discover about the world and yourself.

5. Relax!
Listen to music on headphones while lying on the floor. Sit outside in the sunshine and do nothing. Take a stroll, ride your bike or go for a swim. It's important to give yourself time to unwind and let your subconscious mind do its work. Getting ideas in the shower or while you are driving has almost become a cliché, but it is true.

6. Learn to Draw
Take a course at you local technical college, or buy one of the thousands of books on the subject, or have friend teach you, but learning to draw will help you.  You'll find rather quickly that its a skill that can be taught like any other, and not the result of talent or genius. There is no finer way to stimulate your creativity.

7. Learn Mind Mapping

8. Associational Thinking
To demonstrate associational thinking, write the word Happiness in the middle of a sheet of paper, and draw lines radiating out fro the word. Write down your thoughts on what the concept of "happiness" means to you. Ask other people to do the same exercise and compare.

9. Be challenged!
Take a new challenge each week. Work on a new problem each week, explore something new with the purpose of solving it, or generating ideas. Refer to Alan Black's "Broken Crayons" web site for his weekly challenge.

10. Adopt a genius
You can benefit by learning from the lives, ideas and actions of the great geniuses of history. Adopt a role model - maybe Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Einstein, T. S. Eliot, Thomas Edison, Hannibal (not Lecter!). Visit the Genius Gallery for more information

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