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TerraCuddle Penne adds extra meaning to flowers

It takes a lot to forgive someone who has wronged us.  But we are always stronger when we can see past our own hurt feelings and let our grudges go.  If we hold on to our anger and our pain, they will cloud our thinking and taint our lives with bitterness.

Persons who are quick to forgive lead free and unburdoned lives.

Penne TerraCuddles give your flowers or other acts of forgivness an extra meaning. After the flowers are gone, they remind the receiver that the past is the past, and that you both can move forward in life together without bad feelings.

[Note: TerraCuddles are not currently available in most stores.  In the meantime, be on your best behavior so you can avoid the need.  We'll try to let you know when they are available again.]

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