To recognize good character in others is a great way to teach children and make others aware of how important good character really is.

To recognize someone with exceptional character, just E-mail us, telling us about this person. Include details, photos, or anything else that you believe helps tell the story.  We'll review the submissions, and if we select yours, we'll recognize your nominee on our TerraCuddles website!  Then we'll notify both you and your nominee when it has been posted! It's free! What a great way to compliment someone you care about -- while inspiring others by good example!

Here is an example of what someone might want posted:

"I would like to recognize Shirley Conner for her outstanding generosity with our food drive. She was not only generous with her time and talents, but with her heart; she was very supportive when the rest of us were discouraged. Thank you Shirley!"
-Michelle Thompson (Oklahoma City, OK)

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