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How Can You Benefit From TerraCuddles?
(How can people around you benefit as well?)

Good character consists of understanding, caring about, and acting upon core ethical values.

Acknowledging Character is more beneficial than rewarding achievement!

TerraCuddles are a great way to teach Character in a FUN way!

Teaching Good Character does not have to start in school!

Teaching Good Character does not have to stop at school!

TerraCuddles go along perfectly with Character First Programs!


An intentional and proactive approach plans deliberate ways to develop character, rather than simply waiting for opportunities to occur. When good character is displayed, such as generosity or truthfulness, TerraCuddles make a good example for others. Emphasizing the good character of a child or person is far more beneficial than achievement.

For example, rather than giving awards or prizes for a science fair or a finished project at work; acknowledge the efforts the child or person utilized to finish the project. Did they cheat and steal ideas, or did they work diligently, honestly, responsibly to reach the desired goal?

The task of character education therefore is to help people know "the good," value it, and act upon it.

A great way for a child to learn good character is by example, and a good way to further emphasize this is with a collection of cute handcrafted TerraCuddles angels.

Each original TerraCuddle comes with a special StoryBook which describes dilemas of its main characters Dusty and Celeste, and how their problems were solved using the characteristic of that particular angel in the story.

In other words, while you or the child is reading the storybook, he/she is learning how to apply good character to everyday situations.

You and your child can also start a collection together and have a good purpose for collecting. This could also help introduce discussions on acceptable behavior in a family or group.

Parents are the first and most important moral educators of their children. Character education and building good character can start in the home before the child even starts school.

TerraCuddles do not have to be "rewards" for good behavior, but simply a good way to introduce good character and morals to a young child. By reading the Character StoryBooks, a child is introduced to these core ideas and values.

Character education asserts the validity of good values, and our obligation to uphold them. This promotes the development and welfare of the individual person. They serve the common good. They meet the classical tests of reversibility (Would you want to be treated this way?). They meet the tests of universiability (Would you want all persons to act this way in a similar situation?), and they define our rights and responsibilities in society.

A great way to reinforce these core values is with TerraCuddles. The core ideas from the StoryBooks drive home the idea of the importance of good character and its validity in our society.

TerraCuddles can be used as rewards or incentive for schools following the Character First Program or any class or school wanting to introduce a Character Education program.

TerraCuddles are a great tool for teachers to use with their students, an inexpensive gift for recognizing character vs achievement.

The school makes clear that these basic human values transcend religious and cultural differences and express our common humanity.

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