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The Top 10 Ways You Can Show Someone You Value Them

1. Use their name.
Everyone likes to hear his/her name and to know that you are interested enough to remember it.

2. Acknowledge their presence.
"Good morning," "How are you, Mary," "I missed you at today's meeting," etc. is a way to show someone you are aware of their existence.

3. Remember small details about them.
Letting someone know you are truly in the moment when you speak with them can be manifested by small acknowledgements of their personality, work, hobby, etc.

4. Remember small details about their kids, spouse, or family.
Same as # 3 above.

5. Remember their (family) birthday, anniversary, graduation or other significant occasion by sending a card, gift, or calling.
People are often impressed when someone they don't know well remembers occasions that are special to them.

6. Let the person know you are available to them.
Use your expertise to help others (within acceptable boundaries and parameters).

7. Be in the moment when speaking to them.
This means listening closely to what is/is not said, as well as body language when face-to-face.

8. Give proper credit.
Giving credit where credit is due is important to valuing someone. It also raises your credibility in their eyes.

9. Be fair, regardless of their status or position.
Treating someone fairly means enforcing the rules for everyone all the time.

10. Be equitable.
Playing favorites because it suits your agenda or circumstance is devaluating to the receiver and to observers

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