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Terra Terms

TerraCuddles are so unique, we had to develop some new words just so we could talk about them.  As more and more people get to know and understand TerraCuddles, we are confident that these terms will become widely recognized and spoken throughout the world. 

In the meantime, we recommend you print these TerraTerms and paste them in the "T" section of your present dictionary.  We'll let you know when it's time to buy a new one.  Oh...by the way...our ruthless attorneys make us tell you the following with respect to TerraTerms:

Certain of these terms are our trademarks, and our entire website, including this list of TerraTerms, is copyrighted by us. All rights are reserved by us. Use of our trademarks, and commercial use of all other TerraTerms, is allowed only by our expressed written permission. For licensing information, or to request permission, please send us an email and we will be glad to review your request.


Latin for "Earth," spoken throughout the vast Roman Empire when Terra Cotta was also very popular.  We aren't sure, but we think Caesar recognized that "Terra Cotta" sounded more poetic and artistic than "Earth Cotta."


The statement of charges for TerraCottaArt.  Because TerraCottaArt has such down-to-earth prices, the TerraBill is a good thing.  Not to be confused with "Terrible," which is not part of the language of TerraCottaArt.


Sometimes spelled as two words (terra cotta, literally translated from the Italian for "baked earth"), earthenware used for pottery, sculpture, etc., particularly valuable when combined with art, as in TerraCottaArt.


Any of our talented and heavenly earth angels that are so cuddley cute you'll love them.  They are also messengers from above for TerraTruths.


Any of an order of related flying reptiles through the Mesozoic Era.  The special clay used in making TerraCottaArt was once part of the daily life of the TerraDactyls and dinosaurs.  Most relics of that age are in museums and considered priceless.  (So far, we've been able to keep TerraCottaArt out of most of the major museums.  We recommend, however, that you get your TerraCottaArt today before more collectors realize the true worth of these millions-year old antiques). 


Our spelling for a wonderful city in Indiana, named for the "high land."  Haute is also used with "cuisine" to describe "the preparation of fine food by highly skilled chefs, or the food so prepared."  That pretty well describes TerraCottaArt, which we expect will soon be referred to "HauteTerra."


Sometimes used to describe the earth and its natural or topographical features.  Terrain is actually a contraction for "Terra" and "Rain" which refers to the mixture of earth and water used in making TerraCottaArt.  From now on, when you hear someone talk about the "Terrain," think of the natural features of each TerraCottaArt product.  . 


A very slow, turtle-like collector of TerraCottaArt.  This is good, but a TerraTitan may be better.  (Note:  We remember our childhood fables, and intentionally omitted reference to the TerraBbit, who lost the TerraCe to the TerraPin.) 


Usually referred to as "PotteryPoints™," they are earned by the greatest people on earth YOU -- our customers!  PotteryPoints™ can be redeemed for TerraTreats, including TerraTrips!


A glass container enclosing a collection of TerraCottaArt.  Converted aquariums will work very well for this and will let you add plants to your TerraCottaArt collection.  Any glass enclosure will work quite well if you fill it with TerraCottaArt.  You might consider a curio cabinet or display case for your TerraRium.  Personally, we'd vote for the Sears Tower.


The skill in dealing with persons or difficult situations by one who has a quick and delicate sense, particularly through the use of a well chosen TerraCottaArt gift.


Of, having or related to the touching of TerraCottaArt, a very pleasurable sensation that we highly recommend.  It's difficult to be TerraTactile over the Internet, so we developed the TerraTrial. 


The elegant little tags that come with every TerraCottaArt product.  We recommend displaying them with each item so you and your guests will remember who made them and where you can get more.


Tales from you about your TerraCottaArt.  (Interesting stuff.  See the website for the latest and greatest TerraTales.  Send us yours and earn Points when we post it.)


Talk about TerraCottaArt in our online chat room, open 24 hours at TerraCottaArt.com.  All we ask is that while you talk about dirt you don't talk dirty.


What our customers who earned the TerraTrip to Casa Terra Cotta in Los Cabos, Baja, Mexico come back with.  (See TerraTreats for how to get a TerraTan.)


Your team at TerraCottaArt that helps you with your every need.  Call on your TerraTeam whenever you have a question or need help.


Definitions and terms according to us.  (Webster wasn't around when we needed the help.)


Hints about everything on earth that relates to terra cotta.


A collector of TerraCottaArt of great size and power.  (If you are not currently a TerraTitan, we would like to help you.)


Literally translated to "earth tone," refers to the naturally elegant coloring of every TerraCottaArt product.


A shortened version of connection between collectors of TerraCottaArt.  Instead of asking: "Do you collect the heavenly TerraCottaArt, too?" you can just ask: "Do you TerraToo?"


"Top" means "first in excellence or importance," which when combined with "Terra" pretty well describes the whole line of Terra Cotta Art.


To praise or recommend TerraCotta Art highly, which is what we hope all of our customers will do.  See TerraTalk.


A person who trades TerraCottaArt with others so that everyone gets what they want most.  This is good behavior, not to be confused with a "TerraTraitor."


A person who shops somewhere else.  (We consider this to be bad behavior.)


A condition of great mental concentration or abstraction, especially one induced by religious fervor or mysticism while viewing TerraCottaArt.


A visitor to TerraCottaArt.com who stays but a short time.  We think this only happens when our visitors get called for dinner or their house is on fire.  They generally come back as our guest the first chance they get.


A valuable collection of TerraCottaArt products.  The New Testament says: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  We think our TerraCottaArt treasures are so lovable, you'll feel the same way about them.


Literally "Earth Pleasures," our way of rewarding our customers with exciting trips and gifts as a reminder of how great this earth is!


A tree decorated with TerraCottaArt, particularly in winter when TerraTitans often hang TerraCuddles on their Christmas trees.  They look better than glass balls and last longer than popcorn.  And the little angels like to see what's going on after all, they were a big part of why we have Christmas in the first place.


The result of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to experience TerraTactile with any TerraCottaArt product and return it to us within 30 days for a full refund if it's not TerraTops to you.


Literally "Earth Travel," a way to experience the important parts of the earth at our expense, like Casa Terra Cotta in Mexico, or the Terra Cotta Warriors in China.  Bon Voyage!


A group of people organized as a unit in close cooperation for the common purpose of buying TerraCottaArt.  (We view TerraTroops as good, much like Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops).


Rhymes with "Paratrooper," and is a similarly dedicated member of a TerraTroop.


A problem with your order or with submitting your TerraTreat Membership Signup Form. Our TerraTeam stands ready to assist you!


A person who stays away from TerraCottaArt for too long.  Don't let this happen to you.  Truants are noted for being lazy, idle and shiftless.


Earthly qualities such as loyalty, trustworthiness, and sincerity that we share with our customers.  Wouldn't the world be a better place if everybody lived by TerraTruths?


A short song about TerraCottaArt that people whistle, sing or hum throughout the day all over the earth.  (We'll award a lot of TerraPoints to you if you write one that works for this.  We may even award you a few points for a good try at it.  Send us an email with your suggestion for a TerraTune.) 


Any TerraCottaArt pair which was born at the same time, such as Grace and Victoria.


A foolish, contemptible, little person, generally referring to one who isn't collecting TerraCottaArt.  Personally, we think this is a temporary rather than a hereditary condition and can be overcome with proper training and education.  


A young collector of TerraCottaArt.  These people need love and nurturing, and we can only do so much by ourselves.  Please help them whenever you find them.  They'll love and respect you for it. 


The way we distinguish between different classes of TerraCottaArt.  TerraCuddles are a different TerraType from Lamps & Candles.

As with all languages, TerraTerms are always evolving as we strive to improve our ability to communicate with each other.  We think wars could be prevented if people only communicated more. 

If you have suggestions for additional TerraTerms that you think would be helpful, please send us an  email:  

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