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Cow Tipping - Fiction!

The Truth:

Cow tipping is the kind of topic that comes up when there isn't much else to talk about.   When it does, there is frequently dispute between those who believe cow tipping is real and has happened, and those who say it's nonsense.

The folks at TruthOrFiction.com have been looking into cow tipping since the first time it was brought to their attention in the early 1980's.  Although there is occasionally someone who swears to have participated in it or seen it, they have not found any credible evidence that it exists.

You can read their complete report on cow tipping
here.  From there you can also explore all of their truth or fiction subjects at TruthOrFiction.com. This is a great website for checking out those urban legends that circulate so frequently by e-mail.

The truth is important.  We need to learn all we can.  If we base our decisions on faulty information we will get faulty results.

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