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TerraCuddle Belle inspiring Truthfulness
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Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.

Welcome to Belle's World of Truthfulness

Ringing True A TerraCuddles Story
Grandpa Clay's grandson, Dusty, pockets a toy from a local store, evades the alarm bell, and then gets entangled in a web of lies to conceal his deed from his friends and parents.  Already becoming bothered by his conscience, he is visited in the night by TerraCuddle Belle, who rings her tiny bell and speaks to Dusty:

'School bells, door bells and church bells, too,
Wherever you go and whatever you do,
let all bells be a reminder to you,
your heart and words must always ring true.'

Ringing bells have new meaning for Dusty, and he finds they are everywhere.  A ringing doorbell from a visiting neighbor brings everyone and everything together. Read Belle's story: Ringing True.

Someone Sees You

Once upon a time a man decided to sneak into his neighbor's fields and steal some wheat. "If I take just a little from each field, no one will notice... To read the rest click HERE

"The general message of the neighborhood is that the truth is best.  If we can share ourselves with our kids in ways that aren't frightening to them, that's the greatest gift we can give anyone -- the gift of an honest self."
Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
For more Truthfulness Quotes click HERE.

Download TerraCuddles Truthfulness Calendar

Belle's Truthfulness Calendar
Download TerraCuddle Belle's inspiring calendar of Truthfulness.  Collect the entire set. Find more inspiring calendars and register for free e-mail updates HERE..

Truth is the foundation upon which the rest of our values are built.  If we are not first truthful, who will believe our other virtues?
TerraCuddle Belle

Cow Tipping - Truth or Fiction?

To the distress of ranchers, this college prank has students sneaking into pastures at night and pushing over sleeping cows.  Truth or Fiction?

Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.
Thomas Jefferson

If we base our decisions on faulty information we will get faulty results.
TerraCuddle Belle

Truthfulness and Religion?

Question:  I understand TerraCuddles don't refer to any particular religion, but I'm interested in using TerraCuddles with my Sunday School class.  Can TerraCuddles be connected to the Bible?  Answer

Truthfulness in History

Honest Abe
Whether right or wrong, some people have become associated in history with particular character values. Read more about Truthfulness in history. 

Affirmations of Truthfulness
I will tell the truth.
I will encourage others to be truthful.
I will not cheat or steal.
I will admit it when I am wrong.
I will not exaggerate to make things seem different than what they are.

"When we lack truthfulness, no one can tell if there is a lie or a truth before us. People who cannot be trusted to tell the difference between what is true or what is false, we cannot tell which is fact or fiction. Without trust there is confusion and disunity."
From Virtues: Life's Enrichments

Truthfulness Activities

How many words can you spell from the word T R U T H F U L N E S S ?
We found 56.
Check it out.

Download Belle's coloring page.  Mail it to us and we may post it on our website.

True Life Stories?

Sometimes being truthful and living with positive values has its serious difficulties. We see others getting ahead and feel left behind.  But life is more like a marathon than a sprint. Those who run fast beyond their abilitites may take a quick lead, but will soon run out of energy and fail.  Conditioning, training, and a steady pace The Emporer's Seed Storymakes for a pleasant and winning race all the way to the end, where it really counts. Begin with the end in mind.

Read The Emporer's Seed and other inspiring stories, poems and articles of truthfulness at True Life Stories.

Do you have a story to add?  E-mail us!

Truthfulness:  Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.

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