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The Origin of TerraCuddles storybook

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Good values are important for our children, our society and our future. Support the mission of the Institute for Character Enrichment.
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Welcome to the Institute for Character Enrichment

The Institute for Character Enrichment has an important mission: To promote moral development and a universal understanding of our common moral values. In a recent independent survey, over 97% or respondents said that ICE's mission was Very Important or Essential for our children and our society.

We invite you to learn more about the Institute for Character Enrichment and this survey through our latest
Newsletter.  Explore our entire website to learn more about ICE, TerraCuddles and our plans to make a difference in our society. If you would like to become part of the solution we invite you to join us!

Event Benefits Institute for Character Enrichment
America's favorite kid joined ICE in Oklahoma City for one memorable evening on August 6, 2004. TV icon Jerry Mathers shared that "We need programs where children can see how other children resolve problems, develop empathy for others, and work toward doing the right things." We found a lot of common ground. Read ICE's August newsletter for details.

Jerry Mathers as the Beaver

...and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver

Institute for Character Enrichment (ICE) has adopted the TerraCuddles for television.  Who could resist these lovable little angels? The mission of the nonprofit Institute for Character Enrichment is to promote moral development and a universal understanding of our common moral values.  It's a great match! The TerraCuddles think ICE's people are the greatest!  Learn more.

Would you like your name -- or the name of your child, parent, teacher or other honoree -- in national television credits? Would you like to show your support for good character in our society? Make a donation to the Institute for Character Enrichment. It's tax deductible. Make a difference!

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TerraCuddle Belle - Angel's first wing test.

TerraCuddles are getting makeovers and they're taking drama lessons.  They are already cute and talented, but they want to look their best, and they want their true personalities to show through. Watch Belle's first Wing-Test

Where Do TerraCuddles Live? In one sense, TerraCuddles live in the minds of all who believe in them and who get to know them.  They are spirits of the values they represent, our sense of right, and the elements of our conscience.  We don't always see them, but when we consciously think about them, they can be there -- out of eyesight, but close enough to talk with us.  In our dreams or our subconscious thoughts, we can even see them in full living color and action.  The more we get to know them, the closer they are to us, and the quicker they can help us.

The TerraCuddles are composing their own song.  They have added some pictures until they can show their own stories. The lyrics are on the last page.

Grandpa Clay shares his TerraCuddles wisdom and stories.

In another sense, the TerraCuddles live in Grandpa Clay's workshop.  They were born there, created by the Old Potter.  Grandpa Clay grew up getting to know them through his father's teachings.  His workshop is their home. They have made their homes in the upper shelves, back rooms, and the nooks and crannies and shadows of the shop -- places where they can hear and see but not be seen when visitors arrive.

NEW! TerraCuddles Calendars. Our free gift to you with benefits that can last a lifetime.  Download, print and share them at TerraCuddles Calendars

TerraCuddles Just For Kids.  Activities.  Games.  Puzzles.

Are TerraCuddles Religious? TerraCuddles promote a universal understanding of our common moral values -- those values that are common to Christians, Jews, Muslims, and most other major world religions. Truthfulness, generosity, and forgiveness are common values to all religions as well as most secular teachings. Can you connect TerraCuddles to the Holy Bible, Tanakh, Holy Qur'an or other sacred texts to develop religious lessons? Absolutely.  See an example and learn more.

TerraCuddles Calendar - January 2005 - Gratefulness

TerraCuddle Gutierre inspires Gratefulness.  She reminds us that "It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time."  If we focus on what we do NOT have the list is never ending.

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Why do we generate different solutions for the same moral dilemmas?

Lawrence KohlbergPeople respond to moral dilemmas using a decision process learned through each person's unique life experiences. This largely subconscious process is based on two important psychological factors: (a) the person's stage of moral development, and (b) at the higher stages, the values held. The fundamental theory of moral development today was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg (shown at right), a psychologist and professor at Harvard University.

The Institute for Character Enrichment is working to improve society, promote internal change and empower individuals through promoting moral development and a universal understanding of our common moral values.. Download ICE's "An Overview of Moral Development" and learn more.  It is a powerful concept!

TerraCuddle Belle inspiring Truthfulness

New! Weekly Quotes.

TerraCuddles Are Winging It To Television. TerraCuddles inspire and guide those who get to know them. There are some wonderful changes ahead.  The TerraCuddles are all excited.  The TerraCuddles have been featured on affiliates of PBS, ABC and FOX television -- and they liked it!   Their little wings fluttered and they chattered and giggled all the way home.  Now they want their own television show, and it looks like they're going to get it.  Stay tuned!  Register for free updates!

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