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Importance Of Character

Character Does Count!

Goals and Objectives

Character Builders

The Top 10 Character Builders

It is less common to speak of someone having character than it used to be. It's still something special to be around someone who has it.

1. Do it even if it's difficult.

2. Take responsibility for your choices, your actions, and your consequences.

3. Know why you do what you do.

4. Be honest, and be true to your word, both with yourself and with others.

5. Know your strengths, and work from them. Know your weaknesses even better, and avoid feeding into them.

6. Recognize your choices and use them wisely.

7. Develop self-discipline and know how not to overdo it.

8. Develop the ability to luxuriate, know when it's time to stop, and be able to stop.

9. Know the difference between what you want and what you need.

10. Recognize and respect boundaries. Be clear about your own, and give equal value and weight to those of others.

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