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The Origin of TerraCuddles storybook

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Good values are important for our children, our society and our future. Support the mission of the Institute for Character Enrichment.
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Frequenty Asked Questions:

We want you to be as informed and involved with ICE as you would like to be. Many of your questions may be answered below. If not, please e-mail us at ICE@TerraCuddles.com, or contact ICE's Chair, Mr. Chris Tytanic, by phone toll-free at 866-297-2695.

Institute for Character Enrichment

Donate to ICE?

Download Free Adobe ReaderWhy was ICE formed to promote moral values?

How is ICE different from other organizations?

ICE is producing entertaining programs.  Where is the learning?

Why television?

What makes up a TerraCuddles story and episode?

How does tactile (touch) become part of the TerraCuddles program?

Who is ICE collaborating with to produce the TerraCuddles program?

What is the primary role of ICE in the collaborations?

Who are the directors of ICE?

Who are some of the collaborating team members?

What are the options for airing ICE's television programs, and how many viewers might watch it?

What are ICE's three-year goals?

What is ICE's funding plan?

TerraCuddles Storyboard Panel

What will a TerraCuddles episode look like?
One of our next steps is to produce a TerraCuddles Preview and a Pilot Episode so that we can better communicate the concept, look and feel of the TerraCuddles program to broadcasters, advertisers, sponsors, and you.  In the meantime, you can get some sense of it from this sneak peek of the storyboards for the TerraCuddles Preview.

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